FAQ For Fantasy Football

1.  Why should you start playing fantasy football?

Fantasy football has many reasons to start playing.  It’s so easy to begin, with public leagues with strangers to private leagues with your friends.  You can play for free or put money on the line for whoever wins the league.  It’s another way to cheer for players without being a specific fan of that team.  You can play for bragging rights.  You can take it seriously, or you can just do it casually.  It really is a fun way of gambling, but also interacting with your friends and peers.  Here’s an article on examiner.com on why you should play.

2.  Do “experts” win all of the leagues they are in?  I mean, they are experts, they know exactly how to predict games.

No.  Experts do not win all of their leagues.  Fantasy football consists of a lot of luck.  Injuries and just the pure inconsistency of statistical production on a weekly basis makes it impossible to accurately predict every outcome for a player.  The thing is, though, is that these “experts” do have an advantage to the average fantasy football owner.  These guys get paid to watch football and use statistical information they have accumulated to predict a players production going forward.  This leads to exceptional drafting, smart waiver wire additions, and genius starting line-ups each week (usually).  Is it possible for average Joe to beat an ESPN expert in a league?  Yes, but the odds are against him.

example: Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate weekly article.  Not always accurate, but he is informed.

3.  How do you personally grade players?  Being a full-time student, I can’t expect you to put the time in like fantasy experts do.

This is true.  I am only a self-proclaimed expert, and at this time in my career I don’t have the time (or salary) to be putting in countless hours into one specific thing.  So to consume enough information to give fantasy football advice, I read articles and listen to podcasts and videos that fantasy experts post to form an idea on how to judge specific players.  When researching several different sites, it lets me form my own opinions because I am not just copying a certain person’s perspective.  To add to this, I dedicate my Sundays each week to the couch and television.  Watch football, read and listen to experts, form opinions.

4.  What makes fantasy football the most popular form of fantasy sports?

When I began playing fantasy sports I started with fantasy baseball and was obsessed with it.  This was mainly because my dad and his friends were also enamored with the league, making the experience competitive and thrilling.  But throughout the years the NFL has gained popularity and is now hands down the most prestigious sport in the United States.  With the rise of the NFL and the internet, fantasy football has become easier and more intriguing to the casual fan.  Compared to the other sports, football consists of 16 games per team, which are mostly all played on a Sunday.  This makes managing your teams less time consuming and watching your teams easier than any other form of fantasy sports.

5.  Narrow down fantasy football to one reason why someone play.

Because fantasy football is fun.  People can take it seriously and sometime get angry and blame their players for not performing or getting injured, but that’s not the way most people think when they are playing.  This game is here for entertainment and for another way to cheer on player and have some fun with friends.  You can’t take this stuff too seriously, because in the end it’s just a game about a game.

Ryan Jackson

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My name is Ryan Jackson and I love fantasy sports. I graduated from the University of Maine in 2014 with a degree in Journalism, and I am now a graduate student at Quinnipiac University working on a sports journalism degree.