Top 5 Busts Through Week 5

Running Backs

5. Dough Martin- 342 rushing yards and only 1 TD, along with minimal receiving production, Doug Martin’s arguable #2 overall running back argument made at the start of the season is weak now.


4. CJ Spiller-  296 rushing yards and also only 1 TD, and ALSO not receiving, CJ Spiller’s preseason hype is not happening.  Spiller also is battling injuries, a concern that many had coming into the season.


3. David Wilson-  When Andre Brown went down in the preseason, the David Wilson hype rose quickly.  Unfortunately, Wilson’s turnover issues sprouted early in week 1, and he has failed to earn the trust from head coach Tom Coughlin since.


2. Maurice Jones-Drew–  With only 208 rushing yards and 1 TD, Jones-Drew is feeling the pain of playing for the worst team in the NFL, as well as fantasy owners that took this guy in the 2nd or 3rd round.


1. Steven Ridley-  Like David Wilson, Ridley lost his job early with turnover issues in week 1, but the problem with Ridley is that: 1. He plays for a team that has no issue benching him and 2. Ridley owners took this guy in the late 1st, early 2nd round this year.  Ouch.


Wide Receivers

5. Andre Johnson-  37 Receptions for 407 yards and no TDs, Johnson was a legit top 12 receiver argument coming into the year.  With his QB struggling and injuries limiting him, Johnson’s production has been limited.  He’s never been one to score many TDs, but zero so far is unacceptable.


4.Steve Smith-  18 catches for 203 yards and only 1 TD, Steve Smith was expecting to get more looks being the #1 option in Carolina.  Apparently Cam Newton is thinking otherwise.


3.Dwayne Bowe- Alex Smith’s dink-and-dunk offense isn’t helping Bowe’s big play ability.  17 catches for 182 yards and 2 TDs isn’t what fantasy owners expected from this star wideout.


2. Vincent Jackson-  17 catches for 192 yards, Jackson is being limited by poor quarterback play and nagging injuries.


1.  Roddy White- He’s been playing hurt all year, but the problem for owners is that he’s playing.  And not producing.  What a waste of talent.  14 catches for 129 yards and no TDs isn’t gonna cut it.


Quarter Backs (here comes some stretches for the sake of the lists)

5. Carson Palmer- Never was drafted to be considered a legit option for owners, but he was a sleeper on some draft boards.  I can safely say that was a mistake.


4. Eli Manning- Besides week 1, he’s been a turnover machine with little fantasy production.  Some argued a top 10 option.  That’s out of the question now.


3. Cam Newton- Cam was going as a top 5 QB in all leagues, but his fantasy production has been sub-par so far this year.  besides lighting up the pathetic Giants, he’s been very average.


2. Colin Kaepernick- Wow.  After the week 1 hype, Kaepernick has failed to be anything but a bust on a weekly basis.  With a lack of weapons in San Francisco, Colin will continue to struggle.


1. Tom Brady-  Like Kaepernick, Brady’s weapons haven’t been playing, and Tom has not produced for his fantasy teams.  You took him as a top 5 QB, and he’s been anything but that.


Tight Ends

5. Rob Gronkowski-  He only makes the list because many expected him to be back earlier than this, but once he’s back he will be back to fantasy stardom.


4.Fred Davis-  Drafted as a top 10 guy, but has failed to stay healthy.  Kind of a cop-out with these first two on the list, but the options are thin.


3.Kyle Rudolph- Rudolph is a Touch Down dependent tight end for fantasy owners.  He has 1 so far this year.  That’s not getting it done.


2. Zack Sudfeld- Zack “DUDfeld” was my big sleeper this preseason with Rob Gronkowski injured and the Patriots being favorable to their tight ends in the passing game.  Sudfeld was released last week.  SMH


1. Brandon Pettigrew-  A popular sleeper going into the year for some, Pettigrew has been a consistent target over the years for Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions.  That hasn’t even happened so far this year, and his production is at an all time low.


Ryan Jackson

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