Mid Season Rankings; Updating Your Expectations Going Forward

We are half way into the fantasy football season and just like every other year we have had plenty of surprises and disappointments.  It’s time to take into account what we know now and put together a big board for the rest of the season…

Top 12 QBs

1.  Peyton Manning- The fantasy MVP to this point, the offensive production in Denver has been staggering and the offensive weapons have remained healthy.


2.  Drew Brees

3.  Aaron Rodgers-  Has not been the dominant force some expected when drafting him, but by no means has he been disappointing.

4.  Matthew Stafford-  Proving last year was a fluke, he already has 15 TDs this year compared to just 20 last year.

5.  Cam Newton-  Hit or miss every week, but has the potential to win you a matchup no matter the opponent.

6.  Philip Rivers-  The surprise of the year for QBs, Rivers has reverted to his younger-self of 3 years ago and his producing quality stats.

7.  Robert Griffin- After looking sketchy the first few weeks, Griffin has started to run more lately and is showing potential to be a top 5 QB the rest of the way if he can stay healthy.

8.  Tony Romo-  Always seems to sneak his way into top 10s every year.

9.  Matt Ryan-  Lost Julio Jones and has a banged up Roddy White and Steven Jackson, but last week still put up good numbers.  He’s still a solid starter in fantasy leagues.

10.  Tom Brady-  The bust of the year.  Has weapons coming back, but he just doesn’t look the same.

11.  Andrew Luck

12.  Michael Vick

Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 - 53

Top 20 RBs

1.  Jamaal Charles-  Getting a crazy workload and producing in KC.

2.  Marshawn Lynch-  #1 running back on a team that runs the ball.  Oh, and he’s BEASTMODE

3.  Lesean McCoy-  Dynamic offense in Philadelphia helps this elusive back produce even more.

4.  Matt Forte

5.  Adrian Peterson-  from #1 overall to #5 running back, the Vikings offense is hurting Peterson’s value.  Still amazing and not  someone to worry about.


6.  Knowshon Moreno-  How in the world…ohhhh, Peyton Manning.  Gotcha.

7.  Reggie Bush-  Surprised to see him getting this many carries…and producing with them.

8.  Frank Gore

9.  Arian Foster-  It was either Gore, who is crazy consistent, or the guy that is banged up and on a team who has struggled the whole season.

10.  Alfred Morris

11.  DeMarco Murray-  Not a big fan, but this position is so shallow…

12.  Ray Rice-  So disappointing so far, you have to hope he bounces back soon.

13.  Eddie Lacy-  Turning out to be a solid RB in Green Bay

14.  le’Veon Bell-  Another rookie producing.


15.  Giovani Bernard-  Another rookie!

16.  Danny Woodhead-  A better PPR option, but he is getting goal line work despite his lack of size.

17.  Chris Johnson-  Maybe he’s just not good anymore…

18.  CJ Spiller-  Another complete bust.  Needs to get healthy.

19.  Ryan Matthews-  Two good weeks is good enough to make this list…

20.  Fred Jackson-  Producing so far, but he’s also banged up and I don’t expect this to continue.

Top 20 WR

1.  Calvin Johnson- Drafted as #1, when healthy he’s been producing like the #1


2.  Dez Bryant- Still Romo’s favorite, and he usually does better in the 2nd half of the season…

3.  AJ Green

4.  Wes Welker- I don’t think people were expecting this as Welker is still getting the same amount of receptions as he did in NE, even with the Thomas’ and Decker being other quality options.  He’s getting TDs, too.

5.  Brandon Marshall-  Cutler is out for a month, but Marshall is too good to suffer much from it.

6.  Demaryius Thomas-  When you are this talented and have Peyton Manning throwing to you, it doesn’t matter how many mouths there are to feed.

7.  Victor Cruz-  Giants have been terrible, but Cruz is still producing.

8.  Vincent Jackson-  Mike Glennon looooooooooooooooves Jackson.  Targets galore, and Jackson is an elite talent who will greatly benefit from this.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

9.  Desean Jackson-  Great year so far for Jackson.  His speed KILLS.

10.  Jordy Nelson-  With Cobb down, Nelson is the #1 option in Green Bay.

11.  Torrey Smith-  Getting a lot of love from Flacco, just not getting the TDs.

12.  Pierre Garcon

13.  Antonio Brown

14.  Eric Decker

15. Andre Johnson-  Could not having Matt Schaub actually help Johnson?  I think so.

16.  Justin Blackmon-  The Jags are terrible, but Blackmon is highly skilled and will pile up junk time stats.

17.  Josh Gordon-  Trade rumors swirl about Gordon, and if he’s dealt to a team with a QB he could be a top 10 option.


18.  Larry Fitzgerald-  Carson Palmer hasn’t been good at all, but it’s still better than last year.

19.  Alshon Jeffery-  Highly talented, but no Jay Cutler might hurt his production considering he is far from proven in this league.

20.  Steve Smith-  Still waiting for some great games, but he is too talented on a team with little options in the passing game.

top 10 TEs

1.  Rob Gronkowski-  To put him over Graham after what he did so far this year is insane, but Gronk is going to get aroung 17 targets a game, and once he’s back in football shape and out there on most snaps, he will be lighting up defenses and fantasy scoreboards.  (Please stay healthy, Gronk.  For me and the New England faithful.)

GRONKKKKdon’t act shocked, I love you Gronk!

2.  Jimmy Graham-  Arguably the fantasy MVP so far, but Gronk is now healthy and playing, and even though you are fine with either, I like the amount of targets and lack of options in New England more than New Orleans.

3.  Julius Thomas-  The waiver wire pickup of the year, Thomas is a red zone monster in the best offense in the league.

4.  Vernon Davis-  Really the only passing option right now for Kaepernick.

5.  Jordan Cameron-  This young stud has been money so far this year.  Solid option at TE.


6.  Antonio Gates-  Fantasy zombie.

7.  Tony Gonzalez-  With all the injuries this year, Gonzalez is the #1 target in Atlanta.

8.  Jordan Reed-  Looked amazing last week, and RG3 has shown already how much he loves him.  Expect a huge 2nd half of the season.

9. Martellus Bennett

10.  Jason Witten-  Tight end has been deep this year, so it’s not that I hate Witten, I just feel he’s not as good of an option now.




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