8 Bold Predictions Going Forward…

Now that week 8 is almost in the books, fantasy owners are making some crucial roster decisions via trade or waiver wire that will determine their fate in competing for a title.  Here are 8 “bold” predictions for you readers that I feel will help your chances in the next few weeks to make it to the playoffs…

1.  Tom Brady’s fantasy value is done for this year.

TomBradyShockedI’m SORRY!

It hurts me to type this.  Tom Brady just doesn’t look good right now.  He is limited in viable receivers, and the offensive line isn’t doing so great either.  He might have a couple nice games here and there from here on out, but you can’t trust him going forward.  Try to sell him or hit the waiver wire ASAP.

TomBradycryingOkay dude, stop.  Just prove me wrong!


2.  Shane Vereen will be a top 20 running back once he’s back in week 11.

ShaneVereenShane is pumped with my prediction, I see.

I’m counting on him to be back after the Patriots bye week, and considering his great performance in week 1 of this year, I see the Patriots going back to him as their #1 RB option.  It’s apparent Steven Ridley isn’t loved in New England right now, and compared to Vereen he is less versatile.  Go pick up Vereen now and stash him before it’s too late.

3.  Andy Dalton is a top 10 QB for the rest of the season.


With QBs like Brady underperforming and injury concerns with Vick and RG3, some fantasy owners are looking for some insurance at the position.  Dalton has been lighting it up the last 3 weeks, but many experts are hesitate to buy in fully to this production as Dalton tends to do this, but ends up throwing up a couple of horrendous games after.  When looking at the Bengals upcoming schedule until week 16, Dalton doesn’t seem to have a bad matchup.  Then when you factor in the emergence of Marvin Jones as a #2 wide receiver and a few other solid options to throw to, Dalton’s production will continue for the season.

4.  Hakeem Nicks is not going to turn this around.

The New York Giants are on a two game winning streak.  This doesn’t change the fact that they are terrible and will continue to be terrible.  Eli Manning is playing poorly, and with Rueben Randle and Victor Cruz already on the roster getting targets, Nicks’ fantasy value is inconsistent and limited.  Nicks is supposed to be the go-to guy in the red zone, but even that hasn’t panned out so far this year.  With trade rumors swirling around him, I don’t expect Nicks to turn this around.  He is droppable in standard formats after the NFL trade deadline.

5.  Sell DeSean Jackson while his value is still high.

I expect the Eagles offense to be relatively ineffective for the rest of the year.  Michael Vick is injured and I doubt he is 100% any time soon, and Nick Foles’ start last week wasn’t impressive.  Insult to injury, Foles also suffered a concussion in that game.  So guess who gets to start now?  Matt Barkley.  That isn’t good.  Jackson had a hot start this year, but if you can still get good value for his production so far, do it.

6.  Denver Broncos wide receivers will all finish top 12; Julius Thomas finishes top 5 TE as well.


Watching the Redskins and Broncos game yesterday made me realize this: The Broncos put up points so easily.  The Redskins looked in control and had a solid lead in the 3rd quarter.  Manning looked human, and once again I thought there was a chance this offense could be slowed down.  Next thing you know, The Broncos are throwing TDs left and right, and they crushed the ‘Skins.  Peyton Manning is not just great, he also has some of the best athletes in the NFL to throw to.  Demaryius Thomas turns screens into TDs, Decker an underrated athlete with good size, and Wes Welker gets open and catches the ball.  Julius Thomas has troubles blocking, but not catching the ball in the red zone.  All these guys are going to continue to produce as I expect the running game in Denver to slightly decline.

7.  Knowshon Moreno does NOT finish as a top 10 running back.

As referenced above, I expect the rushing production to decline in Denver going forward, and this hurts Moreno.  Not only that, Monte Ball got a solid amount of work yesterday and it makes you question if he will start accumulating more work going forward.  I don’t think you should sell Moreno because he will still produce, just don’t expect this amazing first half to continue.

8.  Andre Ellington is the better option in Arizona, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to get enough work to produce.

It’s crazy.  When you watch the running game in Arizona, its apparent Andre Ellington is a better runner than Rashard Mendenhall, but the coaching staff doesn’t trust Ellington can take the physical tole being an every-down back takes.  Ellington is a small running back, but regardless he deserves more touches than what he’s been getting when Mendenhall is healthy.  As much as I love Ellington’s talent, the production won’t be consistent enough as long as Mendenhall is healthy.

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