Top 10 Running Back Busts of 2013 through Week 10

With even more games played and more evidence of players who might just not be able to turn it around this year, let’s revisit the fantasy football busts, and more specifically running backs, so far this year and who has probably ruined your chance of winning this year…

10.  Ben Tate-  A backup running back is a top 10 bust?  Yes.  Here’s why:  Arian Foster owners felt pressure to make sure to reach for Tate in drafts due to the “handcuff law”, and look at that.  Arian Foster has been banged up and has missed games (and is now out for the season), yet Ben Tate is also hurt with broken ribs, yet he is playing through the pain.  Experts said if Tate was the starter he would be potentially a top 10 running back, but now that this situation has presented itself Tate is barely considered a top 30 play most weeks.

9.  Arian Foster-  Foster, Ben Tate’s teammate, finds himself at #9 on this list.  His production hasn’t been miserable, but it wasn’t what owners expected from their first round pick.  Add on nagging injuries that have limited his workload all season, Foster has been frustrating to own.  Don’t worry though, he’s now dropable as he is due to have back surgery soon and hopefully be ready for next season.

8. Monte Ball-  Remember this rookie?  Matthew Berry almost guaranteed him 10+ TDs this year barring injury, and he couldn’t have been more wrong.  Ball has been able to stay healthy, but the Broncos don’t trust him to hold on to the Ball, and other running backs on the roster have stepped up and played well.  Those touch downs aren’t coming any time soon.

7.  CJ Spiller-  Touted as a potential #2 overall selection, Spiller has failed to live up to the preseason hype, and the high ankle sprain has been something he has had trouble recovering from.  I expect him to come back to form at some point this season, but when and how long is something nobody knows at this point.

6.  Lamar Miller-  You cannot count on players who haven’t shown you anything in the NFL to all of a sudden become fantasy gold.  Miller is crazy fast and athletic, but has no proof that he can be a difference maker on a weekly basis.  Why people were taking him in as high as the 4th round is beyond me, but for those people that did, this is why I advise not to buy into players like this next year.

5.  David Wilson-  Take everything I just said about Lamar Miller, and add fumbles and a neck injury.  Tough season for Wilson.

4.  Steven Jackson-  You could argue he is the #1 bust, but I find it hard to put him that low due to the fact he was injured for so long (can’t knock a guy for an injury, especially when he doesn’t have a reputation of being injured all the time).  Even ruling out this, Jackson has looked poor since returning to action, and him and the Falcons can discard this regular season and hope to be healthy next year.

3.  Doug Martin-  Martin is out for the year, and this is just another reason why he can’t be #1 in my eyes.  A high first round pick this year, Martin only scored 1 TD before being put on IR,confirming he will be done for the season.

2.  Trent Richardson-  You know what makes writing about busts so tough?  The fact that there is nothing to talk about.  What has Richardson done this year to be a topic of discussion? He got traded mid-season to the Colts, and when people thought this would increase his value, it has done everything but that.  An injury has not been reported, but my goodness I hope he’s just being tough because he looks so bad that I question how the Colts’ front office decided traded for this guy was a good idea.

1.  Ray Rice-  Injury? check.  Play through the pain?  Check.  At the age and touch amount that most running backs fall off the map?  Check.  How did we not see this coming?  I do not know.  But Ray Rice is dropable if you want to pick up anything on the waiver wire.  He’s my #1 bust so far this season.


Ryan Jackson

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