Key #5: Money or Not, Fantasy is for Fun

When sitting down and trying to come up with 5 key ways for winning your league, I really struggled in keeping this out of it.  This key in a way contradicts what I have previously been writing because when it all comes down to it, isn’t the reason we play for fun?

Sure, people across the nation are placing money on their leagues and awarding the winners a pretty penny, but in the end the whole idea for fantasy is derived for enjoying the NFL even more and giving a rooting interest in places you would never imagine.

Fantasy football brings an excuse to text high school friends and talk trash and strategy.  It opens up doors for parents and kids to participate in leagues together, for wives and husbands to not talk for a whole week until Sunday when their teams go up against each other for a spot in the playoffs.  It’s an excuse to get overly confident, angry, disgusted, interested, and all kinds of other feelings about something you control.

Being confident in something feels good, so when I think about fantasy football, I love knowing I am good at it.  Who doesn’t?  But what is great about fantasy football is that someone who HATES my confidence will get a chance in a season to ruin my pride.  Fantasy football offers the people who take it seriously and the people who don’t really care an opportunity to take pride in something during the season.

My 5th and final key is not one that  I can use history or statistics to prove trends or insight into what to expect in the future.  What it does for you though is to remember not to stress too much about your fantasy football team, and to make gut calls after you are done with your research.

To this point, I can only tell you the basic things previously stated in my first 4 keys.  These points will help you guide you team to a championship, but by no means are they telling you what to do every single week on every single decision.  Gut calls when trying to make a difficult decision after factoring in my previous keys is the way to go.  Have fun with it when you have the opportunity.

Fantasy football is more predictable than some may think, and I plan on continuing my research and trying to find a better way to predict the NFL.  At this point I offer you guidelines to what I hope is a cheat-sheet to your next fantasy football season.  Just remember that the point of fantasy football is to have fun, so don’t get too stressed.  Let me and other experts do the research and stat piling for you if you don’t have the time, and when we can’t confidently answer a question, go with your gut.

Ryan Jackson

About Ryan Jackson

My name is Ryan Jackson and I love fantasy sports. I graduated from the University of Maine in 2014 with a degree in Journalism, and I am now a graduate student at Quinnipiac University working on a sports journalism degree.