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10k training in 17 days; Week 1 struggles

Most people hate running.  Why?  It’s pretty simple.  It’s physically AND mentally exhausting.       This first week of trying to get my body back into shape was tougher than I remembered it.  I noticed that getting back to my normal pace of running would not just take a couple of days of getting […]

World Cup for the casual fan: Groups A and B   Let’s face it, America.  Most of us know nothing about the beautiful game of football.  Oh, wait…  Soccer.  Anyway, there is a pretty big tournament coming up that nearly half the world population will view during the next month.  One might dare to say it is the greatest and most popular sporting event […]

2014 NHL Eastern Conference first round rankings; predictions

As we get ready for the 2014 NHL playoffs and the introduction of the new playoff format, I feel this would be a good time to take some time to not only briefly preview the first round match-ups, but also rank the opening series’ by how compelling they appear on their respective ‘covers’. Predicting who […]