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2014 NHL Eastern Conference first round rankings; predictions

As we get ready for the 2014 NHL playoffs and the introduction of the new playoff format, I feel this would be a good time to take some time to not only briefly preview the first round match-ups, but also rank the opening series’ by how compelling they appear on their respective ‘covers’. Predicting who […]

Extremely premature position rankings: Quarterbacks

As we all begin life without football (and trust me it’s depressing), I can’t help myself to start thinking about September.  Fantasy football at this point of time is nearly irrelevant, and to project players stats even a day before the regular season is ludicrous.  regardless, this is an opportunity for me and my readers […]

NFC Championship: 49ers at Seahawks

There is nothing like a bitter rivalry in sports.  It’s something in today’s sports world you don’t see much of.  Sure, fans may have bad blood with opposing fans, but many professional athletes have lost their desire to participate in rivalries.  People are getting too caught up in the money and becoming too friendly!  Two […]